1. To start a trade, select "TRADE" from the top bar.

  2. To be able to receive your bitcoins after a successful trade, generate and insert an invoice for the Bitcoin Lightning Network of 30,000 satoshi and an expiry of 2,000,000 seconds (about a month).

  3. There's the option to provide an alias (letters, numbers and spaces). If left blank, your node's alias will be used instead.

  4. If you think the bitcoin price will be higher one day from now, choose HIGHER, otherwise LOWER.

  5. A 15,075 satoshi invoice is then generated, which needs to be paid over the Lightning Network to initiate the trade. This includes a 0.5% trading fee.

  6. Your trade is now visible on the initial screen. A 24 hour countdown begins and every quarter of an hour all values are automatically updated.

  7. If after 24 hours your prediction turns out to be correct, an automatic 30,000 satoshi payment attempt will be made. The result of our payment attempt can be seen in the "Payouts" page. Make sure there's enough liquidity in your channels to receive small payments via our lightning node (see "CHANNELS").

  8. The bitcoin price in US dollar is taken from Bitstamp, if unreachable Coinbase and if both are unreachable it will be set to 0. Profit is in satoshi.

  9. After another 24 hours your closed trade will disappear from the screen.

  10. Only one open trade at a time per node.

  11. If the required deposit in satoshi deviates too much from one dollar, at some point it will get adjusted.

  12. In the unlikely event that the opening and closing prices are equal, the trader receives the reward.

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